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Mmw Mighty Thor Hc Vol 15

Mmw Mighty Thor Hc Vol 15

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  • Description
    (W) Len Wein & Various (A) John Buscema, Pablo Marcos (CA) Jack Kirby
    Writer Len Wein lifts Mjolnir aloft and rallies forth the armies of Asgard! When the Time-Twisters seek to destroy Earth, Thor embarks on an adventure with Zarrko the Tomorrow Man. It's a battle through time (with dinosaurs!) that will impress you to the end! Then, Thor fights the Firelord in the jungles of Latin America - and only Jane Foster can save him! The Warriors Three ramble off on a solo adventure, while Thor returns to Asgard to face the one and only Mangog! Their battle will rage across the Fabled Realm, taking Thor to Hel in a quest to save Odin! Plus: the return of "Tales of Asgard," Thor vs. Ulik the Troll and a giant-sized epic featuring Hercules! Collecting THOR (1966) #242-254 and ANNUAL #5, MARVEL SPOTLIGHT (1971) #30, and material from MARVEL TREASURY EDITION #10.
  • Details
    Artist: Buscema, John
    Brand Code: Marvel Heroes
    Cover Artist: Kirby, Jack
    DIAMD NO: SEP150853
    Genre: Super-hero
    ISBN: 785199195
    Issue: 15
    Page Count: 100
    Publisher: Marvel Comics
    STOCK NO: STK688508
    Series Code: 20825
    Writer: Wein, Len