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20Th Century Boys Tp Vol 07 Perfect Ed Urasawa (STL141290)

20Th Century Boys Tp Vol 07 Perfect Ed Urasawa (STL141290)

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  • Description
    Kanna, burdened by the fact that her mother Kiriko developed the bacteriological weapons used by the Friends on Bloody New Year's Eve, ruminates over the ominous messages that she left behind. When the weapons come back to haunt humanity, Kanna isn't the only one searching for traces of Kiriko. Otcho gets closer to finding out Kiriko's current whereabouts after a search leads him to her former colleague, Dr. Yamane. With New Year's Eve 2014 on the horizon, the events prophesized by the Friend are ready to come to pass-events that will dramatically change the history of the world once again. Will 2015 be the last year of mankind? For older teen audiences.
  • Details
    Artist: Urasawa, Naoki
    Brand Code: MA
    Cover Artist: Urasawa, Naoki
    DIAMD NO: JAN202218
    Genre: Crime
    ISBN: 1421599678
    Issue: 7
    Page Count: 456
    Publisher: Viz Media Llc
    STOCK NO: STL141290
    Series Code: 140623
    Ship Date: 3/18/2020
    Writer: Urasawa, Naoki